Donna Weiszbrod

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Donna has been a Church Secretary for most of her working life.  She decided after graduating from High School that she wanted to be a secretary because she loved typing.  Not having beautiful handwriting - this choice solved her problem!  She graduated from Ute Business College and has worked in the secular world before getting into church work.  She has always felt that church work is a ministry not a job.

Donna resides in Cedaredge, CO with her husband Grady.  She has two striking son's, Jeff & Matt, 2  stunnning grandchildren, Chase & Baylee, & two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Faith & Marcie. 

She feels blessed to be working for True Life Chuch.  When asked when she will retire, her answer "Well, I plan on dying at my desk!"  She loves people & wants to be used everyday by the Lord. 


  October 2019  
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