What to Expect

Read about a typical service below, or click the YouTube link to see our recorded services.

Church is about fellowship in honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Before service, folks chat with each other or sit quietly in contemplation, with friends and family, or alone if desired.  The coffee shop is now open again, so you can enjoy a nice breakfast treat and our special blend of coffee or chai tea.  Our services usually start with a short announcement, some prayer requests, and an opening prayer.  Then enjoy some wonderful live Christian music to sing along with or just listen to.  Then the little ones will be dismissed to enjoy Children's Church while one of our pastors, or sometimes a guest speaker, will give this week's message.  Once in a while, a newly committed saved person will be baptized, and about once a month we'll have a special communion service where all believers are invited to take up their individual wafer and cup (provided by the church) in thanking the Lord for his blessings and our salvation.